The Orange Terror Cycle

created and performed by Kev Berry

The Orange Terror Cycle, Part 1: Chapters 1-20 was performed in November 2018 at The Tank in a production directed by Alex Tobey. The cast included Kev Berry, Alejandro Cervantes, Rachel Horwitz, and Teresa Langford.

A series of short monologues written for the character "Man," that have been performed as a part of The Tank's bi-monthly series The Fast and the Furious: Rapid Responses to Current Events. Each play builds a comprehensive history for the character as he grapples with the Brave New America in which we've found ourselves entrenched. 

Production History

Part 1

Obama's Sending Us to Mars 2112 - October 2016, The Tank

A quiet and lovely meditation on the horrors of space travel that examines the flippancy of the presumed ease of going to Mars.

At Least I Can See the Ocean - November 2016, The Tank

A disturbing and relentlessly intense monologue on the results of the 2016 United States Presidential Election. 

Party Poopers - January 2017, The Tank

A mournful dirge for American culture set on the National Mall in the aftermath of D----- T----'s Inauguration.

In Like a Lamb Out Like a Lion - March 2017, The Tank

A litany of saints, wishing the animals about to go extinct en masse that they may rest easily.

Spaghettified - May 2017, The Cobra Club, Bushwick//The Tank

Man has a nightmare. He meets an anthropomorphized abortion. It's less cute than it sounds.

Do You Have These In Size 39? - July 2017, The Tank

Man is lamenting. What else is new? But then, Angela Merkel arrives. 

Angelica•Peggy•Eliza WERQ! - October 2017, The Tank

Man wonders how it's already been a year, while grappling with the impending solstice of a nuclear winter. It's about Hillary, really. Sort of. It's also sort of about the current state of things, 9 months in.

The Trump Project: 10 Years Later - November 2017, The Tank

Well, it's been a year. And a year it has been. Man discusses the preparation process for these occasional run-ins, and playwright Berry discusses his anxieties, in the 8th installation of The Orange Terror Cycle, the one that hits the closest to home yet. 

I'm Poor - December 2017, The Tank

The tax bill passed. You're going to die. What do you do? What do you do? America is a chaotic abyss and we're going to die. What do you do?

North Korea South Korea Marilyn Monroe - January 2018, The Tank

Announcing the first annual Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year. And Oprah Winfrey's presidential candidacy. And a united Korea marching under one Olympic flag. Well, fuck. What could go wrong here?

The Heat Is On In PyeongChang - February 2018, The Tank

Gus and Adam sitting in a tree, F-U-C-K-I-N-G. It's the Olympics, and it's world peace for a few weeks. That's all we want, right? But then Pence steps in to head up the delegation for the United States, and fuck - now it's a sex dream. 

I Am Not Afraid to Scream from the Top of a Very Very Very Tall Mountain That I Have Empirically Discovered That Hope Hicks Is Carmen Sandiego - March 2018, The Tank

Man doesn't feel much of anything anymore. It's mostly neutral. It's Purgatorial, goddamnit! A stiff drink would help, wouldn't it?. 

Honey, You've Got a Big Stormy Cummin' - April 2018, The Tank

Man dodges a bullet. Literally. Not really. But, sort of. There's a storm coming, the meteorologists keep telling us. But looking on the horizon, things just keep getting darker and darker. So why aren't the clouds rolling in and the lightning striking with laser precision? 

O Nixon My Nixon Or, Juul of the East Village - May 2018, The Tank

Man tells us about the second time he smoked marijuana. He was surrounded by heterosexuals, and yes, he freaked out. 

Pathological Thriller a psychological liar - June 2018, The Tank

What are the costs of lying so freely? And why are we so afraid to call a fig a fig and a trough a trough? Man meets us, once again, where we are normally met: at the intersection of darkness and fate, of future and destiny, to worry with us and provide comfort via the truth. 

Every Buffalo Dead - Fury, Children! Fury! - July 2018, The Tank

This one's about the children. In caves. In cages. How we treat them. How we sensationalize them. How we make them heroes. How we forget them. How we fuck them over. How we look ourselves in the eyes every morning after wiping the fog from our post-shower mirror. 

What I Mean When I Say Where I Was That Night - July 2018, The Tank

This one's about the night this all began and this one's about what it all means, why we insert ourselves into the picture, why the only way we know how to grapple with the world is by framing it in the reflection of a mirror.

Freshman Section of Heaven - September 2018, The Tank

How fucking blind can we be? He was no saint. He was no saint. He was no saint. 

When You’re a Brett You’re a Chad All the Way - October 2018, The Tank

A play for the women in our lives. A play for the lives of the women in our lives. A play for what we’ve lost and what’s at stake. A play that’s still being written and rewritten as rage fuels the fire further and brighter than ever before.

Prayer - November 2018, The Tank

A prayer for the next two years and a prayer for the last two. A manifesto on how to move forward and how to hold back and how to not hold back and how to be brave.

Part 2

Bitch Just When You Thought - December 2018, The Tank

Just when it seemed like things were going to get better, the President tear-gassed children. Bitch, you thought. At least it’s Christmas.

Another Motherfucker Play - January 2019, The Tank

A vacation. A rooftop dance party. A lingering Christmas decoration. Let’s impeach the guy already, huh?

Selfish Susan - February 2019, The Tank

What does it mean when we want something bad to happen on a national scale so that we can write about it and perform what we’ve written with greater ease? And what does it mean that none of the shitstorm we’re stucking fuck in is considered bad on a national scale?

HAHA There is So Much Happening (My Sister is Moving to Denver) - March 2019, The Tank

His sister is leaving, and somehow he didn’t know. Or rather, it didn’t register. There is so much happening that somehow that got lost in the chaos. Fuck.

The Morning Report - April 2019, The Tank

it’s not an exoneration It’s Not An Exoneration IT’S NOT AN EXONERATION if it’s not an exoneration then what the fuck is it then what the fuck is it

Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy - May 2019, The Tank

What to do when you’re to busy to do anything about it, and what to do when you’re too busy to realize preventing the present was your past responsibility? And why the fuck is Mayor Pete such a fucking centrist? He’s a faggot for Christsake, why isn’t he being a faggier nominee? I want a faggot for president, I want a dyke for president, not some kowtower stuck in the fuck in the muck in the middle of the fucking road. If you wanna get hit by a car and get noticed, step into oncoming traffic.

Revenge Porn - June 2019, The Tank

The Gay Mayor shouldn’t be President. Some people deserve revenge porn. Happy fucking Pride.

Fidget Spinner - July 2019, The Tank

Good God, it’s hot out. He needs a drink. Except. Except, he’s been sober 8 days. Clang clang clang went the trolley, and thank God, because it was time to climb climb climb climb aboard. How to make it through in a world where you can’t numb the pain with the one thing you had to make it through?

The Sunset Like Survival - August 2019, The Tank

Why do we always think we’d be the hero in our own movie? Why do we think we’d be the one to save the day? Would we be? Would you be?

Red Hat Brigade - September 2019, The Tank

He’s afraid of doing something he knows he won’t do and confronting someone he know he won’t confront. Sorry to this man.

Slow News Week Huh - October 2019, The Tank

Jesus. 93 days sober is not a good time for the shit to hit the fan on a national scale.