Peter was a Semi-Finalist for the 2019 Princess Grace Award.

directed by Alex Tobey

The play’s initial reading at Judson Arts Wednesdays was performed by Wyatt Fenner, Remy Germinario, Evan Maltby, Maggie Low, and Paul Albe.

September 2018

Developed with Judson Church as a part of their Judson Art Wednesdays Artist-in-Residence series, Peter is the story of Henry, a lonely CPA who dives into his work, literally and figuratively and literally, to hide from his sadness. Henry builds miniature models in his basement that reflect back our own world in 1:87 scale. One day a button appears that allows him to visit the world he's constructing where nothing is as it seems. Henry's fatal loneliness allows his discoveries there to mess with his life in human scale. With elements of Ibsen’s The Master Builder and Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, Peter is at once an indictment of a generation of gay men who don’t know how to grieve and a call to arms for those who love us to raise us with greater empathy. Kev's verse play begs the question: "Whose responsibility is it to teach our children to mourn?”

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