the orange terror cycle, part 1 (november 2018) // photo by carly hoogendyk

the orange terror cycle, part 1 (november 2018) // photo by carly hoogendyk

"My feet end in paws which obey the higher fiction. Which obey the higher fiction which is why they are always trying to outleap off the earth's orb."

         -Mac Wellman, The Offending Gesture 

Kev Berry is a New York-based playwright, performance artist, and creator of Gay mythologies. His work, both as a writer and a performer, has been seen at The Tank, Joe's Pub, 3-Legged Dog, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Judson Memorial Church, New York Live Arts, the New Ohio Theatre, The Duplex, the Dramatists Guild Foundation, Dixon Place, The Brick Theater, Access Theater, Littlefield, The 9 Studios, Otto's Shrunken Head, The Cobra Club, Skidmore College, and across the harsh North Country of upstate New York. Kev is an Associate Artist at The Tank, the September 2018 Artist-in-Residence at Judson Memorial Church, a 2017 Artist-in-Residence with Fresh Ground Pepper, a January 2019 resident with Hot Bread, and the former Artistic Associate at 3LD. Kev serves as the curator and producer of the series Fast and Furious: Rapid Responses to Current Events at The Tank. Proud graduate of Skidmore College.

His large plays include: Fabulous Creatures; Rough Trade; Babytalk; The Orange Terror Cycle, Part 1; Peter; Harsh Cacophonies I & II; Betty Odessa; The Commercially Unviable Queer Trash Theatre Cycle; Nora Goes 2 Space, Motherfuck*r!;  (i heard) ANNA KARENINA (wanks w/ a toothbrush); Lisa the Little Girl; wouldyoupleaselistentome; Fabulist; The Amy Sedaris Supercut; When It Was Adventurous & Why the Failed Gods Drink and And the Glory the Glory of the Porn.

His small plays include: Candle Ceremony; Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy; The Morning Report; Selfish Susan; HAHA There is So Much Happening (My Sister is Moving to Denver); Another Motherfucker Play; Bitch Just When You Thought; Siren; Prayer; When You’re a Brett You’re a Chad All the Way; The Lottery of the Queen of Hearts; Freshman Section of Heaven; What I Mean When I Say Where I Was That Night; The Commissioning of Bernstein's Mass by Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy; Every Buffalo Dead - Fury, Children! Fury!; Edward Albee's Chicken Run; Pathological Thriller a psychological liar; Keynote Address for an Illustrious Gala; O Nixon My Nixon!Honey, You've Got a Big Stormy Cummin'; Willard Gunch and the Oracle of Billings, MontanaI Am Not Afraid to Scream from the Top of a Very Very Very Tall Mountain That I Have Empirically Discovered That Hope Hicks Is Carmen SandiegoMy Dad the Pschitte-King (As Told By The Leader's Son Who is 12); The Heat Is On In PyeongChang; North Korea South Korea Marilyn MonroeI'm Poor; E.T. 2: Swamp Ass In SpaceThe Trump Project: 10 Years Later; Angelica•Peggy•Eliza WERQ!Do You Have These In Size 39?How the Village Got So Gay; Spaghettfied; The First 6 Months Are Free; Otospermophilus Beecheyi; In Like a Lamb Out Like a Lion; Party Poopers; At Least I Can See the Ocean; Obama's Sending Us to Mars 2112; Exit Through the Sock Hop, Won't You Be My Gaybor; The Charlie Brown Turkey Lurkey Brechtian Queer Thanksgiving Special; 2 Privileged White Women from the Upper West Side Hold a Seance and Discover Lesbianism; Satan's Lovehandles; 👏 (Clap Ya Hands Like This If You Want This Bussy); Make Bobby Slay; and Screw These Daddy Issues.

He frequently collaborates with directors Alex Tobey, Emily Moler, and Ilana Khanin; music director Emma Weiss; and with performers Rachel Horwitz, James Zebooker, Teresa Langford, Gina Doherty, and Christian Eble.

Currently, he is developing his 12-hour epic Fabulous Creatures with Fresh Ground Pepper; workshopping his play Babytalk with director Graham Miller and composer E.B. Hinnant; developing his plays Peter, Harsc Cacophonies I & II, and Rough Trade with director Alex Tobey; and most likely writing a little monologue to be performed as a part of an evening at his artistic home, The Tank.

Kev can be reached via e-mail at