Kev Berry // photo by Patrick Bovo

"My feet end in paws which obey the higher fiction. Which obey the higher fiction which is why they are always trying to outleap off the earth's orb."

         -Mac Wellman, The Offending Gesture 

Kev Berry is a New York-based playwright and drag performance artist. His work as a playwright has been seen at The Tank, 3-Legged Dog, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Dixon Place, Access Theater, The 9 Studios, The Cobra Club, TinyRhino@Littlefield, Skidmore College, and across the harsh North Country of upstate New York. He has performed at Joe's Pub, New York Live Arts, The Duplex, The Brick, 3-Legged Dog, The Tank, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, The 9 Studios, and The Cobra Club. Kev is the former Development + Communications + Artistic Associate at 3-Legged Dog Media + Theater Group//3LD Art + Technology Center. He is an Associate Artist at The Tank and a 2017 Artist-in-Residence on the Fresh Ground Pepper BRB artists' retreat. Proud graduate of Skidmore College.

His large plays include: Fabulous Creatures; And the Glory the Glory of the Porn; Betty Odessa; The Commercially Unviable Queer Trash Theatre Cycle; Nora Goes 2 Space, Motherfuck*r!;  (i heard) ANNA KARENINA (wanks with a toothbrush); Lisa the Little Girl, or the Joads' Long Journey East; and wouldyoupleaselistentome, or The Woodpecker Lane Play.

His small plays include: I'm Poor; E.T. 2: Swamp Ass In SpaceThe Trump Project: 10 Years Later; Angelica•Peggy•Eliza WERQ!Do You Have These In Size 39?How the Village Got So Gay; Spaghettfied; The First 6 Months Are Free; Otospermophilus Beecheyi; In Like a Lamb Out Like a LionParty Poopers; At Least I Can See the Ocean; Obama's Sending Us to Mars 2112; Exit Through the Sock Hop, Won't You Be My Gaybor; The Charlie Brown Turkey Lurkey Brechtian Queer Thanksgiving Special; 2 Privileged White Women from the Upper West Side Hold a Seance and Discover Lesbianism; Satan's Lovehandles;👏 (Clap Ya Hands Like This If You Want This Bussy); Make Bobby Slay; and Screw These Daddy Issues.

He performs around the city as his drag persona, Frantic McDormand, an immortal genderless creature of excess, who puts on cabarets and pageants filled to the brim with carefully curated chaos, showtunes, and bourbon. Frantic's large-scale solo performance events include Kev Berry Presents The Barbara Cook Kennedy Center Honors (Fall 2016), Happy Days Are Queer Again (Spring 2017), The Frantic McDormand Radio City Christmas Spectacular (December 2017), and Hammersmith Odeon London 75 (forthcoming).

He frequently collaborates with directors Emily Moler, Ilana Khanin, and Sophie Weisskoff; music director Emma Weiss; performers James Zebooker, Teresa Langford, Gina Doherty, and Christian Eble; and with the Ann Liv Young and her company.

He contributes to Exeunt Magazine.

Currently, he is developing his plays Fabulous Creatures and Betty Odessa with director Emily Moler, Fresh Ground Pepper, and The Tank; developing Frantic McDormand shows music director Emma Weissand most likely writing a little monologue to be performed as a part of an evening at his artistic home, The Tank.

Kev can be reached via e-mail at