The Frantic McDormand Project(s)

created by Kev Berry

performed by Frantic McDormand

Production History

Kev Berry Presents The Barbara Cook Kennedy Center Honors - October 2016, The Tank, dir. Ilana Khanin

Commissioned by The Tank

performed by Kev Berry and Emma Weiss with Matt McLean

Oh, darling, isn't it absolutely darling? During this intimate solo cabaret, Kev will glitter and be gay as he tells the story of his love affairs with various Broadway Divas. Not love affairs in the sense of rendezvous, but like love affairs in the sense that he's been called an asshole twice by Patti LuPone and once accidentally mooed at Bernadette Peters. That kind of love affair. Come and find out the real answer to "What's New, Buenos Aires?"

Barbara Cook was Kev's first foray into the Frantic Project(s). He performed the evening as a heightened version of himself who would later turn out to be Frantic. 

Check out the rough cut of the film of the evening below. Sorry it was so dark! Frantic's work is meant to be experienced live!

Happy Days Are Queer Again - June 2017, The Duplex, dir. Emily Moler

performed by Frantic McDormand and Emma Weiss with Julia Hansen

In this irreverent and chaotic evening of Judy Garland music, cabaret performer Frantic McDormand opines on her disdain for heterosexual men, gets sloshed on bourbon and/or gin, and encourages her audience to join her somewhere over the rainbow, where clang clang clang goes the trolley and Happy Days Are Queer Again. 

At the after-party for the Dubuque Iowa Pride Parade being held in the basement of the local Elks Lodge, everyone in the audience plays the part of a large-small town Iowan who came out to turn it out after the ball is over! Get ready for the most stomach-churning rendition of "The Trolley Song" you've ever heard!

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular - December 2017, dir. Ilana Khanin

performed by Frantic McDormand and Emma Weiss with Dean Acree, Bridget Berry, Emily Moler, Louis Peitzman, and James Zebooker

It's literally The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. But it's hella fuckin' queer. Hella. Frantic is here for the spiked nog, and for the opportunity to vent about her discomfort with organized religion and her shameless love for commercialism.

Hammersmith Odeon London 75 - forthcoming, workshop, dir. Will Taylor

Told entirely through the music of Bruce Springsteen, HAMMERSMITH ODEON LONDON 75 is an exploration of socialized masculinity, the tropes of heterosexual marriage, and the sensationalization of cults in America. 

Frantic McDormand, Kev Berry’s drag persona and protégé, is a genderless creature of excess somewhere between the age of 12 and immortal. Frantic puts on cabaret and pageant performances filled to the brim with carefully curated chaos, showtunes, and bourbon. Frantic was not molested as a child, but still managed to wind up completely fucked up. Frantic's a star, baby. Frantic lives at the intersection of theatre, performance art, and drag, and has performed in various states of existence at gay bars in Hell’s Kitchen and small open-minded theatres across the city.

Frantic is an excuse and a reason. Frantic is the means by which Kev talks about himself, about the things about himself that he is uncomfortable talking about as himself. Frantic is not a character for Kev to hide behind. Frantic is a character, a heightened version of Kev, for Kev to immerse himself in completely and fully, to find comfort in as a performer. Taylor Mac says that drag is what you feel on the inside, worn on the outside. If this holds true, Frantic is what Kev is whispering on the inside, screamed on the outside and into a microphone on a small stage in a small theatre.