7 Fast 7 Furious & Other News

Kev will be presenting the 7th installment in the Orange Terror Cycle, Angelica•Peggy•Eliza WERQ! at 7 Fast 7 Furious at The {new} Tank on October 3 at 7pm. 

His play Betty Odessa will be produced by The Tank in Winter 2018. 

Additionally, he is developing Fabulous Creatures through a series of workshops and public showings over the next 8 months, and is developing a play for young audiences, Children See Magic, for The Tank's children's program. 


Upcoming and Not Upcoming

Hey pals!

Just a quick check-in!

Tickets are on sale for Frantic McDormand: Happy Days Are Queer Again at The Duplex June 29 at 9:30pm, and can be purchased HERE! The evening is going to be WILD. 

Tickets are also on sale for Kev's spooky noir play Betty Odessa at The Tank July 9 and 13, and can be purchased HERE! This one's terrifying.

In addition, Kev just performed at Rattlestick for the first time! Wahoo! He performed his play How the VIllage Got So Gay, a fabulous sitting walking tour of Greenwich Village's gay history!

Fresh Ground Pepper & PrideFest 2017

Kev's thrilled thrilled thrilled to announce that he's accepted a slot as an Artist in Residence on the Fresh Ground Pepper BRB artists' retreat this August, at Little Pond, in Nazareth, PA. He'll be spending 6 days working on Fabulous Creatures. He's wildly excited.

Also, Kev's accepted a slot in The Tank's PrideFest 2017, where he and his team will be presenting Betty Odessa, his noir play about masculinity, hazing, and murder. More to come.

Springtime News!

Quick update because it's late at night!

1. Frantic's Hammersmith show was canceled at the beginning of April due to Kev's health: he had a whopper of an eye infection that kept him out of commission for a while.

2. Kev's participating as a playwright in Caps Lock Theatre's 5th annual micro-play festival about the female body, Pussyfest V: #pussypersists. 

3. Kev got his first good review! For a play he wrote in two days! Read it here!

4. Speaking of, Kev was asked to emergency fill-in as a writer for Rule of 7x7: Spring Edition at The Tank. He wrote a play about rodents and unrequited love called Otospermophilus Beecheyi, and it was performed by Nick Mecikalski and directed by Emily Moler.

5. Kev's booked a Frantic show called Happy Days Are Queer Again in at The Duplex, a cabaret venue in Greenwich Village!

6. Also, hell yeah, Kev's booked a Frantic show called Church Basement Virginity  at Stage 72 at the Triad in July!

7. Kev will be performing his own play, Part 5 of the Orange Terror Cycle, Spaghettified, as a part of Jane Roe Players Present: Texas Plays, at The Cobra Club in Bushwick and as a part of Fast & Furious V at The Tank next month!

8. Kev will be performing in a theatrical concert on the nature of crying called Good Cry, directed by Emily Moler, at the Brick in Williamsburg, May 15 & 16!

9. Shit, that's a lot of news!