Springtime News!

Quick update because it's late at night!

1. Frantic's Hammersmith show was canceled at the beginning of April due to Kev's health: he had a whopper of an eye infection that kept him out of commission for a while.

2. Kev's participating as a playwright in Caps Lock Theatre's 5th annual micro-play festival about the female body, Pussyfest V: #pussypersists. 

3. Kev got his first good review! For a play he wrote in two days! Read it here!

4. Speaking of, Kev was asked to emergency fill-in as a writer for Rule of 7x7: Spring Edition at The Tank. He wrote a play about rodents and unrequited love called Otospermophilus Beecheyi, and it was performed by Nick Mecikalski and directed by Emily Moler.

5. Kev's booked a Frantic show called Happy Days Are Queer Again in at The Duplex, a cabaret venue in Greenwich Village!

6. Also, hell yeah, Kev's booked a Frantic show called Church Basement Virginity  at Stage 72 at the Triad in July!

7. Kev will be performing his own play, Part 5 of the Orange Terror Cycle, Spaghettified, as a part of Jane Roe Players Present: Texas Plays, at The Cobra Club in Bushwick and as a part of Fast & Furious V at The Tank next month!

8. Kev will be performing in a theatrical concert on the nature of crying called Good Cry, directed by Emily Moler, at the Brick in Williamsburg, May 15 & 16!

9. Shit, that's a lot of news!