Update, Update!

The public reading of Kev's play An Oresteia has been replaced with a private table read of his new play (I Heard) Anna Karenina (Wanks with a Toothbrush), to be performed by Teresa Langford, Gina Doherty, and Ivy Ewell as the Bitches and Billy Berger-Bailey as Anna the Slut of Imperialist Russia, for a small audience of interested parties on the same date as the original reading.

After The Offending Gesture, 3LD's current production closes own January 23, Kev will jump immediately into the rehearsal process for performance artist Ann Liv Young's production of Elektra + Elektra Cabaret. He'll be performing the duties of henchman, which is in most cases synonymous with intern, but for Ann Liv, he'll do anything.