Eat the Devil

extremely tammie brown voice AH AH I’M ACTING

Kev is thrilled to announce he’s been cast in Eat the Devil, a play by Nadja Leonhard-Hooper and Dan Nuxoll, directed by Nick Flint, at One Year Lease Theatre Company this February and March! Kev’s been with the play for almost 2 years now, reading for various tracks before finally settling on George, a gay flight attendant. He’s excited and terrified to be acting in a play he didn’t write for the first time since 2012 when he famously rocked Skidmore College’s campus with his portrayal of the Beadle in Sweeney Todd.

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Summer 2018!

It's once again been awhile, so let's get caught up. Lots has happened. Let's go in reverse order.

1. A Faggot's Theology

AFT poster.jpg

Kev is thrilled to be participating in his third annual PrideFest at The Tank. This year, he'll be presenting A Faggot's Theology, the first part of his full-length evening, This Earth Indeed. The evening will be comprised of two full-length monologues that examine the biggest questions we have about the universe and the most personal questions we can ask about the bodies we live in. 

The first monologue, A Faggot's Theology, is an examination of the intersection of Kev's queerness and his agnosticism. This quirky, moving, and brutally honest Catholic Mass for One asks what it means to believe in God or not believe in God as a Gay man, and asks what the gods would think of the mess we've made. 

2. Other June Plays!

Kev will be presenting two more short plays this month at The Tank. The first is Pathological Thriller a psychological liar, the fifteen installment in his Orange Terror Cycle, put up each month as a part of The Tank's Fast & Furious series. The second, Edward Albee's Chicken Run, is being presented as a part of The Tank's Theater Sux! series. This month's theme is Theater Made from Movies! Hell yeah!

3. The Tank Gala!

Bette Millder.jpg

Kev was lucky enough to be ask to perform at The Tank's Gala as one of their featured performers. He performed a monologue as a "former intern" who rose to unfathomable fame and who has returned to The Tank to impart wisdom on the new generation of Tank artists. He created the play, Keynote Address for an Illustrious Gala, in collaboration with director Alex Tobey. Here's a pic from his performance, taken by Shashwat Gupta.  

That's all for now! More news to come soon!

Catching Up

It's been a while.

Kev's old MacBook has died and gone to Hell, so he's been working on a ChromeBook until he can get a new MacBook next month, at which point, he'll fully update the website with a fresh resume and PDFs of all of the short works he's created since the MacBook's funeral. 

He's been making some theatre, applying to some things, getting rejected and accepted to some things, and living life as well as a playwright in New York City can. 

He's excited to get back into things, because these gay mythologies won't create themselves.


7 Fast 7 Furious & Other News

Kev will be presenting the 7th installment in the Orange Terror Cycle, Angelica•Peggy•Eliza WERQ! at 7 Fast 7 Furious at The {new} Tank on October 3 at 7pm. 

His play Betty Odessa will be produced by The Tank in Winter 2018. 

Additionally, he is developing Fabulous Creatures through a series of workshops and public showings over the next 8 months, and is developing a play for young audiences, Children See Magic, for The Tank's children's program.