(i heard) ANNA KARENINA (wanks w/ a toothbrush)

directed by Emily Moler

The play’s initial table read was performed by Gina Doherty, Teresa Langford, Ivy Elwell, and Billy Berger-Bailey. This reading took place at 3LD Art + Technology Center on January 22, 2016.

The play was workshopped in March and April 2016 at The Tank in New York City as a part of their Sunday Brunch Artist-in-Residence series. It was directed by Emily Moler. The cast was as follows: Gina Doherty, Teresa Langford, Brittany Rowe, and Russell Sperberg.

Written in less than a week in the wee hours of 2016, Kev's Anna Karenina adaptation takes us out of the world of Tolstoy and into the fever dream of his mind, where he has taken the original novel, regarded by many as the best novel ever written, and given it the middle finger. Narrated by three gossiping housewives, and with a man wearing Anna's dress, the play is a deconstruction of Tolstoy's Karenina that explores the disparity and gender inequity of gossip.

Please contact Kev directly if you would like to read or perform this play.