Harsh Cacophonies I & II

I. A Faggot's Theology

II. A Sissy's Physiology

directed by Alex Tobey

performed by Kev Berry

Summer 2018 - Spring 2019

A Faggot’s Theology was first presented by The Tank as a part of their annual PrideFest in June 2018.

A Sissy’s Physiology was first presented by The Tank as a part of PrideFest 2019.

Harsh Cacophonies I & II is a transubstantiation, and an evening comprised of two extended monologues that examine the biggest questions we have about the universe and the most intimate questions we can ask ourselves about the bodies we live in.

The first, A Faggot's Theology, explores the connections between a man's agnosticism and his own queerness. What does it mean to believe in God as a gay man? What does it mean to not believe in God as a gay man? And if the gods are out there, what do they think of the mess we’ve made? This quirky and honest Catholic Mass for One carefully balances these big questions with playful lightness and a heavy pour of bourbon.

The second, A Sissy's Physiology, digs into the same man's quest for a passably good body as it relates, again, to his own queerness. Why are gay men so obsessed with desirability? Why do gay men wish they were born into a different body entirely, with a better metabolism and a better ass? And why the hell is the fitness journey as an entity so Sisyphean? This frank Road Trip Traffic Jam tries to unpack all of this with a few swigs of cider.  

In performance, audiences will select which of the monologues they'd like to hear first, voting between "something little" and "something big." The two pieces are deceptively theatrical, seemingly simple until a moment at the end of each explodes the evening forward into the future, leaving the big questions of the night open-ended, encouraging further conversation after the show.

The two monologues exist in conversation with one another and, while they are able to stand alone, thrive when the audience is allowed to hear the language woven through that holds the play together as a cohesive whole.

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