A Faggot's Theology

performed by Kev Berry

June 2018

Presented as a part of The Tank's PrideFest 2018, A Faggot's Theology is Berry's first dive into questioning his childhood, the religion under which he was raised, and whether or not g/God exists. While most of Kev's work has been semi-autobiographic in some respect, this is previously uncharted territory in that he portrays himself and is not fictionalizing any anecdote within. And he's fucking terrified.

A Faggot's Theology is about a man in a room talking to strangers about whether God exists. And it's modeled after a fucking sonata which is a musical form where if it's a perfect sonata everything is resolved at the end of the night, and if it's an imperfect sonata, everything seems like it's going to be resolved, and then guess what? It all goes to hell. And we whirl, and we whirl, and we whirl. 

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