(Produced Plays)

Willard Gunch and the Oracle of Billings, Montana - The Tank, March 2018

performed by Kev Berry

Willard Gunch's family has secrets. And what better time to reveal them than during a blizzard when the entire family is housebound? Whiskey is drunk, the family falls apart, patriarchs are turned to sniveling weaklings at the hands of powerful matriarchs, memories are shared, and the situation escalates from fraught to even more fraught. Every character is played by a single performer in this quasi-memory tragicomedy. The night is young, the night is black, the whiskey translucent brown.

My Dad the Pschitte-King (As Told By The Leader's Son Who is 12) - DGF, February 2017

performed by Kev Berry

Created as a part of Paula Vogel's #UbuBakeOff 2017, this riff on and total departure from Alfred Jarry's 1896 play Ubu Roi tells the story of the young son of a leader of a country in turmoil, where racists and rapists run amok. Performed in Kev's signature rhythmic performance style, the play follows the young boy from the forest to which he fled at the height of a Revolution back into the Metropolis to kill his father Pa Ubu 45 and usurp the throne and become king. 

E.T. 2: Swamp Ass in Space - Fresh Ground Pepper, The 9 Studios, November 2017, dir. Kev Berry

performed by Kev Berry and Pat Stanny, with choreography by Diina Tamm

Commissioned and first presented by Fresh Ground Pepper as a part of "Sequel," one of their signature Challenges, this sequel to E.T. imagines what happened to the titular alien after the spacecraft landed back on their planet at the end of the 1982 film. E.T. is alone. E.T.'s planet is (also) experiencing some climate change. And yet, E.T. persists. During the performance, the performer playing E.T. removes their E.T. drag to reveal the Earthling beneath, and striking similarities between E.T.'s planet and our own. 

How the Village Got So Gay - Middle Voice, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, June 2017, dir. Kev Berry

performed by Kev Berry

Commissioned and first presented by Middle Voice at Rattlestick Playwrights Theater as a part of their annual Pride Week kick-off event, Gay Brunch, the prompt for this play was simply "Celebrate the LGBT*Q+ community." Kev's play is a sitting walking tour of Greenwich Village, with the irreverent and fabulous Oskar Wilde as serving as the audience's guide. The play is an exploration of progress via wins and losses on the path to victory and liberation. 

Read the script here. Please contact Kev directly if you would like to perform the play. 

The First 6 Months Are Free - Caps Lock Theatre, Access Theater, April 2017, dir. Sophie Weiskoff

performed by Isabella Way

Commissioned by Caps Lock Theatre for Pussyfest V: #pussypersists, Kev custom-wrote this monologue for Isabella. The prompt for the evening, featuring bespoke monologues written by 48 playwrights for 48 female-identifying or feminine-of-center performers, was The Body. During his meeting with Isabella to figure out her speaking and performance style, she mentioned that she had been accidentally indoctrinated into the Church of Scientology.

Kev took that and ran with it.

Read the script here. Please contact Kev directly if you would like to perform the play.

Otospermophilus Beecheyi - The Tank, April 2017, dir. Emily Moler

performed by Nick Mecikalski

Commissioned by The Tank for the April 2017 edition of their bi-monthly one-act festival and theatrical quasi-drinking game Rule Of 7x7 Kev wrote this play in a fury as he was asked to fill in at the last minute for another playwright who had to drop out due to a family emergency. He called Emily and said "What do you want to make?" She sent him an article about the 1918 Crusade against the California ground squirrel, and he ran off with it. 

1918. Clive the Knive is out for love and rodents. He's 11. 

Read the script here. Please contact Kev directly if you would like to perform the play.

2 Privileged White Women Hold a Séance - March 2015, Skidmore College, dir. Alex Chernin

performed by Noah Kernis and Giorgios Petkakis

Kev created 2PW as a commission for the Skidmore Theater Department's second annual 24-Hour Play Festival, "Together We Can Do So Much More." 

Sharon and Ritualistic Motherfucker are two women, played by two straight men in the fishiest drag finery possible. They sit on a bench in a park or a museum and they talk about their dead husbands, and venereal diseases, and Surf and Turf Dinners. Then they have a race to eat a Chipotle burrito as fast as they can, hold a seance, and kiss a little bit. A blistering critique of white privilege and the country club lifestyle emerges from this insanity and the two straight men playing the two privileged white women end the play changed, and hopefully with their eyes trained towards change. What more could you ask for from two drag queens? They Golddiggers.

Satan's Lovehandles - April 2014, Skidmore College, dir. Evy Yergan

performed by Zachary Cohn, Sarah Rabinowitz, and Laura McCullagh

Kev created Satan's Lovehandles as a commission for the Skidmore Theater Department's first annual 24-Hour Play Festival, "Together We Can Do So Much More."

A Podunk theatre troupe is making REAL ART HERE PEOPLE. Real fucking art! They're taking themselves very seriously! And don't you dare laugh at their newest play about Satan's quest to lose weight to look skinny for the bitches in the club, don't you dare! The Locust Ensemblists have invited you here to watch a rehearsal for their new experimental play and don't you dare laugh! Things get tense in the rehearsal room as the Locusts keep breaking their scene work to discuss the work they've just done and to discuss the inherently misogynist politics behind the piece they're presenting for the audience. As they struggle to get through the show, tempers flare, love ignites, and big booty hos run the world in a surprise dance number sure to delight and/or nauseate all in attendance!

(Unproduced Plays)

👏 (Clap Ya Hands Like This If You Want This Bussy)

A funeral and bachelor do for a fading finance frat bro in trousers. 

Please contact Kev directly if you would like to read or perform this play. 

Screw These Daddy Issues

A young gay porn sensation who started up to get it in wants to get out. Now.

Please contact Kev directly if you would like to read or perform this play.